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Responsible Gambling

Guidelines for Responsible Gambling

While gambling might offer a thrilling experience, responsible behavior is crucial to prevent adverse effects. At we care about our players and do not want them to suffer from gambling. Here's how you can keep it safe:

  • View gambling as a form of amusement, not income.

    Given the house's advantage, profiting consistently from gambling is unrealistic. Pursuing it for financial gain can lead to frustrations.

  • Only wager what you can afford to lose.

    Use disposable income for gambling. Avoid using funds allocated for necessities or borrowing money to gamble.

  • Establish spending limits beforehand.

    Set a loss limit prior to playing and adhere to it. Cease playing once you hit your threshold.

  • Refrain from chasing losses.

    Accept losses gracefully and resist the urge to recover them. The 'chase' can increase your losses.

  • Regularly pause between sessions.

    Take frequent short breaks to maintain your focus and avoid fatigue.

  • Avoid gambling under substance influence.

    Substances like alcohol or drugs can cloud your judgment, leading to rash decisions.

  • Don't gamble to avoid life's troubles.

    Using gambling as an escape can exacerbate your issues over time.

  • Play informed and consciously.

    Understanding the games enhances your likelihood of success.

  • Ensure gambling doesn't overshadow your daily obligations.

    Responsibilities like work, education, or family should always take precedence.

  • Balance gambling with other recreational activities.

    Engage in diverse hobbies to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance.

  • Monitor your gambling expenditure and time.

    Tracking your gambling activity helps you remain in control and detect potential issues early.

Recognizing Gambling Addiction

If you suspect a gambling issue, watch out for these signs:

  • Are you betting more than you can afford?
  • Do you attempt to recoup your losses?
  • Have you been dishonest about your gambling?
  • Is gambling a refuge from stress?
  • Are you struggling to regulate your gambling habits?
  • Has gambling disrupted your personal or professional life?

Answering "yes" to any signals a problem. It's crucial to seek assistance. Numerous resources are at your disposal, such as Gamblers Anonymous, BeGambleAware, and GamCare.

Extra Precautions

  • Enforce self-exclusion policies on your online gambling accounts.

    This helps control the amount you can gamble within a specified period.

  • Request casino staff to assist you in setting self-exclusion measures.

    You can even opt for barring from the casino.

  • Discuss your gambling concerns with loved ones.

    Their support can be instrumental in your journey to recovery.

Remember, many have faced similar struggles and triumphed. With the right support, you too can surmount gambling issues and lead a fulfilling life.

Support Organizations

If you've affirmed any of the signs above, consider reaching out to: BeGambleAwareGamblers AnonymousGamCare, or Gam-Anon.

Main Gambling Organizations

Gambling Addiction Organizations Website Country
BeGambleAware United Kingdom
GamCare United Kingdom
Gamblers Anonymous United Kingdom
Gambling Therapy United Kingdom
Gam-Anon United Kingdom
Gordon Moody Association United Kingdom
CNWL National Problem Gambling Clinic United Kingdom
The Samaritans United Kingdom

Organizations Testing and Certifying Fairness

Name Website
iTech Labs
Gaming Associates
BMM Testlabs